Hillcrest, Mauldin and Woodmont graduates recognized for achievements as scholars and athletes

Senior athletes graduate with honors

Diane Irving - (June 13, 2017)

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Stewart Kellock on the soccer field
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Hillcrest’s Katie Mader turns it upfield during a Lacrosse match
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Colt Griffith in the lead at a recent meet

Editors note:

Each year for the last five years, the Simpsonville Sentinel has been recognizing local graduating athletes who have achieved success in their chosen sports as well as honors in the classroom. We congratulate these honor athletes and wish them well as they pursue their dreams.

Katie Mader

Hillcrest High School

Valedictorian of Hillcrest High School, Katie Mader has completed her senior year with divine time management skills and a 5.1 GPA. In the fall, she will soar to new heights with an elegant landing at Clemson’s Honors College. She plans to major in Engineering and double minor in Spanish and Management. Her efforts have earned several awards including Scholar Athlete and Best Spirit Award. She’s also received multiple impressive scholarships: Palmetto Fellows, Clemson Scholarship, and Greenville County Golf Scholar. All have been obtained while swimming on varsity, serving as swim Team Captain, and playing on the Lacrosse team. On what encourages her she explains, “I’m a pretty motivated person and I love challenging myself to be a well rounded individual.” During the summer, Mader plans to enjoy her biggest passion by doing mission work in Sumter, SC and Guatemala. They will build houses and bring hope; Mader expresses “It’s the best way to spread my faith through my hands and feet.” With an ambitious background, she will continue to work miracles and have a blessed future.

Stuart Kellock

Mauldin High School

Honorable Mauldin High School graduate, Stuart Kellock is a skilled balancer of warrior athleticism and an academic scholar. His final GPA was 4.0 and 5.042 weighted. Future plans consist of attending Clemson University for a degree in Mechanical Engineering and masters in Aerospace Engineering. To succeed, Kellock armed himself with the tools necessary to juggle both soccer and school, “I was able to do this by carefully allocating my time and planning my schedule so I could complete all my schoolwork during busy soccer weeks.”

Award recognition goes beyond the soccer field. His academic accomplishments include AP Scholar with Distinction, Certificate of Achievement of the Math section of the ACT, and the Athletic Director’s Award for having the highest GPA of any student athlete.

This summer, Kellock plans to take a month long trip to visit his family in Scotland – a place where many brave warriors were made. It’s no surprise his leadership skills have already led him to past success. And, they will continue to light the torch for bright opportunities tomorrow.

Colt Griffith

Woodmont High School

Accomplished Valedictorian and Woodmont High School student, Colt Griffith has mastered a stellar GPA of 5.279 while seemingly running at the speed of a lightning bolt. His ability to keep up with grades, cross country, and track could only be described as Greek mythology. He plans to go attend Clemson University and study Chemical Engineering. Griffith is specifically interested in renewable energy and nuclear power. He points out that, “Time management is key to being successful since there isn’t really an off season. Planning out tasks and knowing what needs to be done when helps to turn chaos into organized chaos.”

Lists of awards are as long as a cross country run: AP Scholar with Distinction, Region Champion, Top Scholar Athlete with Upstate Male Academic Star Award, and many more. This summer will be no different from any other season. He will continue the Olympic-like hard work by conditioning for Clemson’s cross country team, indoor and outdoor track and working a summer job to help pay for college.

With all of these achievements under his belt, it’s easy to be confident his name will live on like any legend. And, next steps will display limitless potential and endless possibilities.♦


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